Sept 8, 2024   2pm
Held at the Smyrna Opera House 7 West South Street Smyrna, DE  302.653.4236

Paula Wolkind

Executive Director

Music fan and Dance enthusiast, Newark native!

George Wolkind


Lead singer of Snakegrinder and Amazing Space! Passionate Rock Star!

Larry Williams

Renowned jazz saxophonist

Composer and arranger. Record collector, historian, and co-host of Clifford’s Corner at WVUD radio.

Kitty Mayo

Blues, jazz, and, rock singer

The lead for Venom Blues, vocal tutor, ACHI Women’s Magazine 2018 Award Winner

Steven Leech

Author and a Delaware cultural historian

Host of the radio program Boptime at WVUD for over 40 years, and member of the radio station’s Hall of Fame. Author of over 6 novels and editor, since 1980 for the local literary magazine, Dreamstreets

Tim Cleary

Vice President – Historian
20 years with Al Santoro and the Hi-Liters, currently with Glass Onion, 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee, DE R&R Induction Nominating Chairman!

Delaware Rock and Roll Society wishes to thank an entire community of Volunteers! Fred Dawson and Club Phred perform as our House Band always. ShutterShumate creates all our media and the phenomenal Photos. Karen Rynarzewski, Linda Hunter, Michael Jopson and Dennis Cresswell takes care of our T-Shirts. Easily another fifty volunteers take tickets, cover the doors, hand out programs, etc. Nothing would happen without everyone’s help. They are keepin’ the faith! Thanks to all our Volunteers.