DICK SCHMIDT Dick completed High School at Holy Cross in Dover, then went on to The U of D. He started working at The Deer Park, encountering some great bands such as: The Commotions, Alfie Moss & Dexter Koonce, Sin City, Gary Cogdell, Montana Wildaxe, Monterrey Popsicle and Reverend Billy Wertz. Dick Schmidt and Larry Fenza were part of the financial backing for H.A. Winstons. Fenza owned Wonderland Records featuring independent and local Delaware Records for sale. On St. Patrick’s Day of 2000, Dick opened the Blue Crab on Elkton Road. He welcomed Happy Hour Musicians on Saturday and Sunday which included: Gary Cogdell and Hank Carter, Magical Mystery, Vic Sadot & The Crazy Planet Band, and The Big Package which consisted of most members of Whale. Dick’s Blue Crab has made a home for Delaware’s local musicians, and is an important supporter of The Delaware Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.