Michael Ace

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019

About Michael Ace

Michael Ace AKA Michael Dungan has been a collector of rare and vintage 45 rpm records that date back as far as the late 1940s, when 45s were first manufactured. Among those he’s collected are many 45s produced by Delaware rock & roll artists, including those on labels from Wilmington like the Universal, AB-S, and Ritchie labels. He’s acquired an almost complete collection of recordings on the Blue Hen label from Harrington, Delaware, upon which this year’s Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and the states first rock & roll band, the Rocka-Bye band initially recorded. Michael first took many of his musical selections for broadcast on local radio station WVUD’s “Cruisin’ America” hosted by Mac Thomas (Tom McElhone) every Friday morning. After Tom left the area, Michael Ace and Even Steven (Steven Leech) began producing the “Rockabilly Ridge” segment on Even Steven’s Boptime, which can be heard every Saturday morning at WVUD. Without Michael Ace’s knowledge of these vintage Delaware recordings, and making available these recordings for broadcast, we would not have had any knowledge of them, nor would we have had the opportunity to hear them. For all of these reasons, Michael Ace has been inducted into the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.