Lois Lipton Parker

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019

About Lois Lipton Parker

In the 1960s Lois Lipton Parker was a regular at the WAMS dances and became friendly with the DJs. When WAMS needed a Traffic Manager Lois was offered the job. This began her start in the professional world of music. WAMS DJ Lee Davis introduced her to Doug Moody of Smash, Mercury and Phillips Labels. Lois became the P & R Director for Doug which gave her the opportunity to meet many of the stars. “Television had just come out, no cell phones, no internet and all we had was our music. Each song had a special meaning to us and we had a memory attached to it… a boyfriend or girlfriend. Each time we hear certain songs today, for a moment we step back into the 50s or 60s.” With this in mind, Lois started Luray Productions and brought the stars into Wilmington Delaware to sold out audiences and rave reviews and standing ovations. Lois’s expertise has been important to DRock. She has guided Delaware Rock and Roll Hall of Fame through their shows, sharing her contacts as well as her expertise. Luray Productions is bringing back the songs the Baby Boomers grew up with. Lois continues to serve as a booking agent for several groups.