Club Phred

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019

About Club Phred

Club Phred is a group of musicians who on average have over thirty years of professional experience. “We all share a love of classic 60’s and 70’s music and have deep roots in the Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey tri-state area”. Club Phred formed in 2002 and has performed with the likes of MARK FARNER Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad and opened up for Pete Best the original drummer of “The Beatles”, The Marshall Tucker Band and Disney recording artist Sarah Buxton. Club Phred has won numerous awards from the Delaware media and has helped various charitable organizations raise in excess of $5,500,000 since 2004.

Band Members

FRED DAWSON started playing professionally at age 16, recording at 17 with “The Fabulous Pharaohs”, “Mouzakis” and “Capone”. He played sax, made numerous TV appearances, touring the US. inventorying two albums, a dozen “45’s” and 13 years of performances. At age 52 Fred started “The Banned”, now known as Club Phred. Fred plays mainly Hammond B3.

BRIAN DARING played alto horn, sousaphone and string bass in the 6th grade. He added electric bass in 1967. Newark High jazz band competitions earned him several top awards. Brian has played a variety of music, jazz, blues and rock n’ roll with several bands. His biggest thrill is when the people are dancing and singing to the music. “That’s what it’s all about” says Brian, “playing for the crowd!”

KATHY LAYFIELD started singing professionally in 1969. She was in the Newark, Delaware based “Skyband”. They had steady gigs in the tri-state area. She played in “Made In The U.S.A.”, and “4- Play”. A singer/song writer, Kathy’s song “You Make Me Burn” was recorded on radio station WSTW’s Album Project One. Kathy’s vocal ability to go from smooth sounding ballads to classic rock chops makes her the voice behind the classic rock band Club Phred.

MARK SISK Within weeks of seeing The Beatles on TV, Mark was learning guitar and song lyrics. His first band, The Mayfield Duck performed his originals. The NFS Boys, his next group played for 15 years. They played CSNY/Eagles influenced harmony vocals. In 2002 Mark joined Club Phred. Mark sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar. Known in the band as The Human Jukebox, Mark prompts the other vocalists on lyrics.

GAETANO VINCIQUERRA has been playing sax since junior year in high School. He traveled the U.S. and South America with “Johnny & the Holidays”, a successful 60s’ band. Recordings and television appearances followed. In 1992 he launched a brand new career in several Atlantic City Casinos, and developed a large following with The Philadelphia Band, “Purple Reign”. He then joined Club Phred and now his voice and sax are being heard in clubs and events in the entire Tri-State Area.

JIM PALMER started playing the drums at the age of 13. Mostly self-taught, but back in the 80’s Jim took a few lessons from Big band drummer Tim Laushley learning Ted Reed’s Syncopation & rudiments. Jim has played in numerous bands but leans towards the classics that Club Phred “rocks out” at every show.

BRIAN SCOTT Brian Scott has been playing guitar for over 15 years and been in 6 bands: Young Guys, Pioneers & Settlers, Delirious Rush, etc. and now Club Phred. His biggest influences are Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, John Mayer, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix. Brian has been playing with Club Phred for over two and a half years. He began playing at age 12 and was greatly influenced by his dad who played bass in the 70s.

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