Vic Holveck, Vic & the Versatiles

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Vic Holveck, Vic & the Versatiles

Vic and the Versatiles was led by Vic Holveck, who had been with Andy and the Gigolos. Formed in the mid-’50s and rising to prominence a decade later, the group didn’t do commercial recordings, concentrating on playing at clubs, weddings and other social events. They played the beach areas constantly during the early 70,s. Their strength was more pop than rock, playing tunes like Tom Jones’ “Delilah.” and many other popular songs. Holveck had been giving music lessons at the Accent Music store on Kirkwood Highway near Newark. He passed in 2018, and his Delaware Rock and Roll Hall of Fame medallion was prominently displayed during his services. The group members pictured above are: Vic Holveck, Billy Glynn, Joe Allegro, Mike Allegro, Bob Biondi and John Clatch.

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