Teddy and The Continentals

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Teddy and The Continentals

About 65 years ago, These boys began singing together when they were students at Absalom Jones and sang in the music room after school. They were all members of the school band and sang with the band at dances and gatherings. They quickly became a household name. Their first recording was “Ev’rybody Pony” and “Tick Tick Tock”. This record showed at #2 on Billboard with a bullet. The songs were recorded on the Ritchie Label and became a big hit for the group. They followed up with several other songs. Members of the original group are: Teddy Henry, Eugene Callaway, Donald Jackson, Larry Davis, Gerald Hamilton, and Jerome Jefferson. Today’s group consists of: Eugene Calloway, Gerald Hamilton, Jerome Jefferson and Larry Davis. Teddy and Donald passed away several years ago and are sadly missed by The Continentals.

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