Lue Cazz

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Lue Cazz

Lou Casapulla started his singing career in the mid 1950s. His group members were: Bobby DeFebo, Jerome Jefferson, Howard Scott and Joe Samluk. Lue Cazz is his stage name. Lou did many gigs in the area where he always received a standing ovation. He gathered a large following especially with the girls whose heart skipped a beat when he sang. His 1st record was in 1962 “Change Your Ways” which was followed up by “The Walk”. The Walk was a Regional Break Out in Baltimore, and spawned a local dance fad, “The Walk”. People packed Borelli’s Restaurant in Wilmington, where he continued to sing for many years. His recordings are still so beloved that they are on the playlist of every Oldies station in existence. Lou owns and operates the original Casapulla Sub Shop in Elsmere, DE. And he is still a heart throb.

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