Larry Tucker

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Larry Tucker

Larry began performing with his sisters, Phyllis and Earleen as The Silvertone Trio. They could be heard at The Church of God on Old Baltimore Pike, where his mother, Evangelist Hallie Tucker moved the congregation with her rousing sermons. Larry was 14. The next year, Bradley Lane came to him, said “I know four white guys who can play”, let’s start a band. With Eric Perkins, Bill Soukup, and two others, they became The Illusions of Soul”. Larry today is still keeping everyone on their feet dancing and singing along with him. The performers who have been his band members are endless. Very few, if any, in the state of Delaware can work a crowd the way Tucker can. He gets the people dancing from the 1st note and they love every minute of it. To have a great band backing him up hasn’t hurt either. In the 70s, he was big on the U of D campus. Dan Toomey and Larry played in Occum’s Razor, out of Princeton University. The Larry Tucker Band has included Dale Dallabrida, Neal Tillotsen, Dexter Koontz, Jimmy Ficca, John Bernard, and Gary Vernon, just to name a few. Larry Tucker is a household name. Everyone knows him. He is keeping the Music alive. We all love you Larry. Keep on rockin !


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