Don Bunnell The Buggy Tavern

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Don Bunnell The Buggy Tavern

DON BUNNELL – THE BUGGY TAVERN I bought the Buggy in 1983 and had a vision of a nightclub that would feature local bands doing original music. I had been visiting many of the local clubs and saw just how many fine bands there were in the Wilmington area. I was very impressed with the Drinkers – went to Joe’s Sportsman’s Lounge in West Chester every Tuesday to see them. When I bought the Buggy, I started with live bands 2 nights a week but quickly went to 6 nights. I never believed in a cover charge (pay to get into a place to pay for your drinks?) and it left me with little resources to pay the bands. To the musical community I will ALWAYS be grateful – I had the best musicians play for me at…discount prices. It was the greatest time of my life and I got to throw a party every night with some darn fine talent to boot. I just want to thank all the musicians who played for me – I got to see the best local talent every night for almost 15 years and I will never forget how wonderful my Buggy was for both the patrons and the musicians.


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