Bill Stevenson

Inducted in the Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

About Bill Stevenson

Bill Stevenson lll was the founder/owner operator of The Stone Balloon Tavern and Concert Hall. He turned 70 years old two days before his induction into The Delaware Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His first major concert was The Beach Boys in Philadelphia in the early 60’s, and later attended Woodstock. Bill felt these events changed his life forever. Up to this point Bill was listening to The Temptations, The Four Tops and other R&B bands. Then “The Doors” came into Bill’s life. It was life changing, and in fact Bill, later in life, tried to talk Ed Shockley and The Jack of Diamonds into doing a “Door’s Set” for The Stone Balloon fans. Ed and the band said…”That is not going to happen”. Regardless of that decision, Bill considers Ed Shockley to be one of his best friends. The Stone Balloon opened in 1972. As history knows, Bill met, and convinced Bruce Springsteen in 1974 to bring The E Street Band to Newark. After that night it was easy to bring in over 300 major national acts to town, also bringing in the top “club bands” from across the country, while supporting all the local talent in Delaware because of his philanthropy work, and the success of other business ventures. Bill was named “One of Delaware’s 50 Most Influential People Over The Last 50 Years” by Delaware Today Magazine . Bill still calls Delaware home with his wife of 32 years Linda Stevenson, daughter Christina, and granddaughter Ciara. He always signs off with “I love you all “, and he does love you all.


Snakegrinder and the Shredded Fieldmice, live at the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware, December 1976

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